Monday, 4 February 2013


One year after the revolution Egypt is facing the return to power of oligarchies, this time with an Islamic imprint, uninterested in solving the serious problems  of the country. Tahrir Square is the beating heart of the Arab Spring in Egypt and has become a permanent garrison. On 11 February there were clashes in front of the presidential residence.

On arrival I immediately felt the tension flowing in this country, however, it seems to be ’normality’ the code word. The Egyptians I speak are not willing to discuss what is happening. Despite the tight police control at airports, even in the hotel, when I arrived in Tahrir Square I immediately noted the absence of any armed forces. They explain me that here they not even dare to come, the square is of the people, for now.

Cairo is a strange city, as suspended, the economic crisis is to be read in hundreds of examples, and there is a strong impression of the absence of any social order. In the square of the revolution there are tents and garrisons in memory of the serious problems still unresolved, it is remarkable the presence of women who claim a greater freedom against the Islamic government trying to express backwards laws at the expense of civil rights.

The on-going demonstrations are focused primarily on this aspect, as well as obviously moved by the lack of policies on work one year after the revolution.


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