Istanbul – Taksim, Sultanahmet and Minorities

Friday, 6 July 2012

The report presents shots from Istanbul, from the business district around the Taksim Square, the more modern soul of the city, where the boulevards are virtually identical to those of any other European city, with the usual shops of famous brands and multinational chains; and shots from the alleys of the old city, still not completely modernized.
Wherever, young fashionable clothes alternate with veiled women or even completely covered. On this street it is also the heart of the youth counter-culture and the headquarter of the cultural association of the Kurds.

The district behind Sultanahmet, the historic centre of Istanbul, still breathes the atmosphere of the old city and especially there you meet a representation of all minorities in this country, both in the ethnic sense and socially. It’s a neighbourhood totally abandoned by the institutions likely in view of a series of speculations for "revalue" it for tourism, but in the meantime the people here live and work on the street and welcome you with incredible warmth intensity, despite being very poor.




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