NO-TAV protesters in Rome use the pacific Murga to oppose the high velocity train project

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Born in the early twentieth century in Uruguay, the murga soon was overtaken in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, during carnival, to break with normality, subvert the rules. So as the slaves made fun of the bosses by wearing a tailcoat, the classic dress of lords,  so the murgueros chose  tails  as their "uniform", by reinventing it and colouring it. Then they added an hat and gloves, other symbols of wealth. It is today a form of street theater which combines music, song and dance. 

In Rome , about ten years ago, was founded the first Italian murga , called "Sin permiso". The murga is a peaceful criticism on society and politics.


The murga consists of a dance troupe, a band of percussionists and a group of singers who, by their actions and their words, criticize with sarcasm the politics and the society.  Nuclear energy, public water, even the Arab-Israeli conflict, all can be represented. The murgueros become the mouth for many social causes. A protest that takes place in a peaceful manner A typical motto is: “with bumblebee we will do more noise than with bombs.

As such is used also by protesters in Rome against the high velocity trains in Northern Italy, the so-called NO-TAV as seen in this gallery. This way protesters wish also to demonstrate their pacific opposition to the High Velocity Project that is usually opposed with very harsh fights.





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